I am a Kiwi designer living and working in Dublin.

I’m currently working at Web Summit where I’m involved in a bit of everything from stage design to way-finding but the bulk of my work has been focused on branding, which is what I love to do most.

Although I couldn’t be further from home, I still have my fingers in a few pies back in New Zealand and recently worked with the World of Wearable Arts on their 2020 show script and with Red Leap Theatre Company on the marketing design for their upcoming production of Owls Do Cry.

I’m always free to meet for a chat so if you’re curious to hear more about me or my work, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

Diploma | Graphic Design | ACG Design School | 2016

Bachelor (first class honors) | Performance Design | Toi Whakaari & Massey University | 2009



WEB SUMMIT Designer (current)


RISE (HONG KONG) Designer (July)

OWLS DO CRY Marketing design (Aug)

WORLD OF WEARABLE ART Show script research and development (Jun)

FERNZ Logo and Branding Designer (Mar)



WEB SUMMIT (DUBLIN / LISBON) Designer (current)

RISE (HONG KONG) Designer (current)

COLLISION (NEW ORLEANS) Designer (current)




TRADE ME PROPERTY Graphic Designer (Jul - Sep)

MEGROLLANDI.COM Website Designer / Art Director (Aug)

LOBSTERS Graphic Designer (Sep)

TOUCH COMPASS Graphic Designer (Apr)

RUSHES Marketing and Graphic Designer (Jan)

WHITBURN DESIGN Logo and Branding Designer / Art Director (Jan)



MOVEMENT OF THE HUMAN (M.O.T.H) Logo and Branding Designer (Apr)

CAPITAL E ‘Boxopolis' - Illustrator and Creative Director of Projection Installation with Charley Draper (Apr)

TOI WHAKAARI Design Tutor - Model Making (May)

MEREMERE Marketing and Graphic Designer (June)

TOI WHAKAARI Design Tutor - Projection Design (July)

THE RIVER Logo and Branding Designer / Art Director (Oct)

MELISSA REEVE YOGA Logo and Branding Designer (Nov)

818 Logo and Branding Designer (Dec)



TOI WHAKAARI Design Tutor - Model Making (May)

WELLINGTON LUX 'Rube' - Creative Direction with Andrew Steel of BMD, Johann Nortje and Charley Draper (July)

TE OMANGA HOSPICE Guest Artist - Garden Light Installation (Dec)



WORLD OF WEARABLEART Scripting and Artistic Director of Projection

WELLINGTON CITY COUNCIL ‘Gardens Magic’ - Guest Artist - Light Installation (Jan)

TOUCH COMPASS ‘Dance Box Challenge’ - Set Designer (Apr)



WORLD OF WEARABLEART Scripting and Artistic Director of Projection

CAPITAL E ‘National Children’s Festival’ - Designer of Civic Square Installation (Feb)

CAPITAL E WITH NZSO ‘Sky Dancer’ - Puppet Maker - designed by Penny Fitt (Mar)

WELLINGTON CITY GALLERY Len Lye Children's Workshop - Designer and Facilitator (Apr)

CENTREPOINT THEATRE ‘Two Fish and a Scoop’ Set and Costume Designer - directed by Jeff Kingsford-Brown (June)

TE PAPA ‘The Wow Factor: 25 years in the making’ - Exhibitor (Aug)



WORLD OF WEARABLEART Scripting and Artistic Director of Projection

CAPITAL E ‘Magnolia Street’ - Set and Costume Designer (May)



WORLD OF WEARABLEART Scripting and Projection Assistant

PRAGUE QUADRENNIAL 'Digger' - New Zealand Student Exhibition (June)

THISTLE HALL GALLERY ‘The Briefcase Project’ - Guest Artist (Aug)

MASSEY UNIVERSITY ‘The River’ - Set and Costume Designer (Sept)

THE PERFORMANCE ARCADE Assistant Director and Guest Artist (Oct)



WORLD OF WEARABLEART Scripting and Set Design Assistant

BATS THEATRE ‘Love Tail’ - Set and Costume Designer - Winner of Best Set Design - Fringe Festival (Feb)

WELLINGTON CITY GALLERY New Zealand International Film Festival - Writer, Director and Designer of Short Film ‘Quarters’ (July)

ST PAUL STREET GALLERY ‘Live. Repeat. Playback’ - Guest Artist - curated by Sue Gallagher and Stuart Foster (Aug)




WORLD SCENOGRAPHY Research Assistant for Author and Designer Sam Trubridge (Feb)

APPETITE Animation Designer and Storyboarding - directed by Alyx Duncan (July)



THE CHAIRS Production Designer - directed by Alyx Duncan (Mar)

THE LOVELY BONES Internship with Kate Hawley as Costume Research Assistant (June)